Helping Individuals Overcome and Heal From Painful Past Experiences

Individual Therapy to Help You Live More Peacefully in the Present


Help with Your Break Up

Maybe you’ve been broken up for a while now and you just can’t seem to get over them. Or maybe a recent break up took you by surprise and the life you imagined for the two of you brings nothing but heart ache. Whatever your break up story, I’m here to help you heal from that experience.


Help For Anxiety and Stress

Feel like you’re always stressed? You’re exhausted all the time, yet the moment you try to sleep, your mind won’t sure off. You’re worried. About your partner, your kids, your job, your life. You can’t seem to figure out what would make your stress go away and you’re wondering if this is all there is. Let me help you see there is more to you than your stress.

Kirchoff Counseling Services

Hi, I’m Hayley Kirchoff.

And I help individuals embrace love again after a painful break up by completely letting go of “the one that got away”. Let’s work together to get you out of your head, stop always thinking about your ex, and embracing life and love again.

As someone who’s struggled with letting go of the past and been too focused on the negatives in life, I understand how hard and even a little scary it is to change. I know that sometimes we “just want that other person to know how much they hurt us” and how unsatisfying it is when we don’t get that result. And I know that the only way to heal from a traumatic relationship, whether romantic, family, or friendship, is to focus on what we can control: ourselves.

Our sessions will focus on you, what you want, and how to get it, whether it’s finally forgetting about that ex once and for all or feeling like you can handle any challenge life throws at you.