Break Up and Divorce Counseling in Coral Springs

Helping Women Embrace Love Again

You can’t sleep. Again. Your ex is on your mind and you just can’t seem to get your brain to turn off. You’re tossing and turning, running every scenario over in your mind. You’re wondering if you could have done something different so it didn’t end up this way.

What if I had a higher paying job? What if I wasn’t so critical? What if I had done more around the house? What if…

It’s only natural to wonder “What if?” when a relationship ends. You’re trying to make sense of why your partner or spouse no longer wanted to be with you. It’s the ultimate rejection. And sometimes, even if it’s been years since our break up or divorce, the pain is still very present.

When You Need Help Getting Over Your Ex

You’ve tried talking to your friends and family about it and they just don’t want to hear it anymore. Your co-workers are starting to avoid conversations with you because they’re worried you’ll bring up your ex again. And even your current partner, if you have one, knows how hurt you were by your ex. You don’t feel good about constantly reliving your break up or divorce yet you feel almost unable to stop thinking about it.

After your break up or divorce, you felt:

  • Completely rejected by someone you loved
  • Like you were totally unlovable
  • Overwhelmingly sad and depressed
  • That there was something inherently wrong with you
  • Unable to stop thinking about what you could have done differently

You’ve tried everything you can think of to get over your ex: yoga, meditation, exercise, dating someone new, even getting married to someone else! Yet they still pop up in your mind almost every day.

The End of a Relationship Can Be Traumatizing

You don’t have to experience a major physical trauma to have symptoms of trauma; in fact, divorce is the second most stressful life event, after the death of a spouse.

When a relationship ends, we can spend a lot of time thinking about what it means about us. Our instinct for survival and control gets amplified as we start to think “I’m alone”, “I’m abandoned”, or “I’m powerless”. We might even begin to question our own sense of worth by thinking “I’m worthless” or “I’m unlovable”.

These negative beliefs that we start to think about ourselves after a break-up or divorce can get in the way of living a truly meaningful life. We can start to see these beliefs impacting every area of our life from friendships to our careers.

Therapy Eases the Pain After a Break Up or Divorce

Picture yourself six months from now, happily single, just starting a new relationship, or even feeling more confident in your current one. While you may have communication with your ex from time to time, if you’re still living in the same area, with a shared circle of friends, or even sharing custody of your children, the thought of seeing your ex or even just seeing your ex no longer puts your stomach in knots or ties up your thoughts throughout the day.

You’re able to look back on everything you’ve experienced with a feeling of gratitude. Yes, gratitude. Because you know that you wouldn’t be where you are today without the lessons learned from your break up or divorce. Although you recognize it as an incredibly painful period of time in your life, it doesn’t have the emotional hold over you like it once did.

Counseling and therapy can help you:

  • Manage strong emotions that arise when thinking about your ex
  • Learn to challenge and change your negative thoughts about yourself, your ex, and the situation
  • Sleep better because you’re not replaying the same situation over and over before bed
  • Connect better with those who are currently in your life, whether a new partner or your friends
  • Feel open to loving again because you’re not afraid of getting hurt

You can heal from the hurt of a break-up or divorce and you find love again.

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