Counseling for Anxiety and Stress in Coral Springs

Helping Anxious and Stressed Out Individuals Find Peace and Calm in Their Everyday Life

You wake up every day with a knot in your stomach. And every night, you go to sleep dreading what tomorrow will bring. You’re losing sleep, you feel restless, exhausted, and you just can’t seem to make your thoughts stop.

For as long as you can remember, you’ve felt this way. The first day of school was always hard because you never knew who would be in your class, who you’d sit next to, or if you’d fit in. When you started working it was the same thing, only this time the stakes feel much higher. What if your co-workers don’t like you? What if you make a mistake at work and were fired?

Your relationships are suffering, too. You bring anxiety and stress home to your family. You can’t be present with your partner or your children. Even when they’ve all gone to bed, your mind is still racing with everything that needs to get done, when you’ll get it done, and if it will be good enough.

Anxiety and Stress Feel All Consuming, All the Time

You’re constantly on edge. What most people consider to be minor interactions is the fuel for your nightly criticisms to yourself: “Was I mean to the cashier at the grocery store when I said…?” “Why did I do that in 5th grade? That was SO stupid!” “I can’t ask her to do that for me; I don’t think she even likes me.”

It’s a constant battle in your mind about what you should do. Even if you’ve got it all planned out, something comes up that stops you dead in your tracks. You’re going to write an Email to your boss at work and it takes you 20 minutes just to write a few sentences, going over every word so you don’t sound too formal, too nice, or uninterested.

When you try to connect with the other parents at your child’s school, you’re constantly comparing yourself to them: Do they like me? Do they like my child?

If you’re struggling with anxiety and stress, you might:

  • Feel like you can’t take a break
  • Be overwhelmed by everyday tasks
  • Always feel a little sick to your stomach
  • Get so lost in thought you miss your turn to work
  • Worry, constantly, about everything

Anxiety and stress are a part of life. Everyone feels anxious or stressed at one time or another. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and need a break. Therapy for anxiety and stress can help.

Anxiety and Stress Don’t Have to Rule Your Life; You Can Feel Relaxed and at Peace

Imagine the knot in your stomach GONE. And if it does rear its ugly head again, you know exactly what to do to ride through the discomfort. Imagine laying down at the end of the day with no little voice reminding you of something silly you did years ago, yesterday, or even that day. You lay down, quiet your mind, and easily fall asleep.

When stressful situations arise, you handle them! You’re able to confidently handle whatever life throws your way and in doing so, stay present with your spouse, your children, and your friends. You rarely lose your temper anymore because you know you’re in control of how you feel.

Counseling and Therapy Help Calm the Little Voice in Your Head

The beauty of counseling and therapy is you don’t have to try and find the answers on your own. You can work with someone who will give you another perspective on the situation, walk you through your worst fears (what if you DO get fired?), brainstorm solutions, and teach you calming strategies that when practiced daily, provide big relief to your anxiety and stress.

When you can approach your anxiety-provoking and stressful events with a feeling of calm, safety, and security, your whole life changes. A major mindset shift you’ll learn in therapy is learning how to respond versus react. You’ll no longer feel like you have to react immediately to a situation, whether it’s to avoid social situations or your knee jerk reaction with to lose your temper when stressed out.

Counseling and therapy help:

  • Calm anxious thoughts when they come up
  • Communicate what you need in a particularly stressful or anxious moment
  • Identify and prioritize tasks to avoid overwhelm
  • Keep you in the present and enjoying the moment
  • Get rid of the knot in your stomach easier, faster, or completely

Don’t deal with your anxiety and stress alone. It can be overwhelming to try and tackle feelings of anxiety and stress without help and you deserve to have support on your journey to a calmer and more peaceful life.

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